When will my tree have fruit?

Your tree is a grafted premium citrus tree. It has been in production with us for almost three years. Now in your care, it needs to grow and settle into it's new environment. Allow it to do that, the fruit will come, usually in the 2nd autumn after you've planted it out, given good nurture and care. Your job is to grow a lush, happy tree that is strong enough to bear fruit.Our trees are strong, they'll flourish in your care, patience and time is the key. 
Fruit on young, small or weak trees is not desirable, energy going into the fruit instead the body of the tree.

When will my Citrus arrive?

As a general pattern we dispatch on a Friday . We take orders up to Wednesday afternoon for selection and packing on Thursday and dispatch on the Friday. Your tree will arrive during the week.
 We will avoid dispatching when public holidays pose a risk for possibility of the tree sitting in a depot.

Delivery tracking and Aus Post

When your tree is dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number.
You can request permission to leave when you order your tree.
If you are not home a card may be left informing you to pick up the tree from the PO

Will my plant require quarantine?

Plants sent to Tasmania and South Australia are required to be quarantined and inspected by an official AQIS inspector before dispatch. We are at the mercy of the rounds so a wait of up to three weeks can occur. Of course if you’d like to pay an additional $120 booking fee we can arrange an inspector to visit by appointment.

The citrus tree I want is out of stock?

Sometimes we wish that we could just run the trees up on a sewing machine, but in reality it takes time to make a Citrus, we always have new batches coming along so the wait can be  around 6 months at most.
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Is my citrus tree going to travel well?

Citrus are mighty resilient trees and they travel beautifully well. We pack the trees in such a way they are safe, stable and secure.  When it arrives unpack your tree immediately and place in the shade for a day or two to adjust, a nice drink, for the tree, and a celebratory one for you, if you like.