Yuzu (Japanese) Orange -

Yuzu (Japanese) Orange -


Originating in Japan, the odd shaped, very seedy fruit made by the Yuzu citrus, tastes something like a combination of mandarin, lemon and grapefruit.
The fruit contains 3 times more vitamin C than a Lemon.It’s used as a powerful flavouring element in many dishes.
A rare and highly prized plant. 

As a general rule our trees should fruit in the second autumn after you have planted them, given they receive good nurture and optimal conditions.
All of our Citrus trees are all grafted to appropriate rootstock, we use clean Aus Citrus virus indexed tested propagation material and budwood. You are assured of a premium, quality, professionally grown tree.

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Yuzu ichandrin – The Japanese Citrange Orange.

This curious Citrus is highly prized and much loved. It has the most magical properties that beguile its rough skinned, seedy appearance, and it has been named as, The World’s sexist fruit!

Chefs love YUZU, as it literally explodes with an intense flavour. The unique taste tingles on your tongue somewhere between a lemon, a mandarin and a grapefruit.

Yuzu has three times more vitamin C than a lemon and is rich in Collagen. Limonoid, Flavonoid and Nomillin all found in Yuzu are naturally occurring chemical compounds, which are, known to prevent or inhibit tumor cells. Yuzu may also be useful in rejuvenating aging skin and activating fat burning cells…it’s a super duper, super food.

One of the most extraordinary compounds of the Yuzu, Nomillin, is profoundly high within the fruit rind. Nomillin induces a state relaxation and in Japan a hot Yuzu bath is taken to ward off  winter flu and colds. The heat of the bath water, releases the fragrant oils, which inhaled and absorbed through the skin, will create a smoother, softer and more relaxed you. No other citrus has the same aromatics and health benefits as the Yuzu.

Jamie Oliver flavours his mayonnaise with Yuzu

William Curley, the chocolatier, insists on Yuzu for his couture chocolates and praline tart.

Importer Leigh Hudson of Chef's Armoury says. ''Use it anywhere you would use lemon juice. It's mind-blowingly delicious.''

And according to “our” Jill Dupleix…. “there's nothing else quite like it: tart, bright and refreshing.”

Yuzu is a “wild orange” and has a thorny disposition, so we recommend that you position it carefully in the garden. Espalier it, grow it in a large wine barrel or pop it an sunny warm, corner out of the way ….it is the “Ophelia Frump” of citrus but like all crazy aunts she has a special place and a wonderful quality that will surprise those who choose to investigate.

Yuzu plants are rare and highly sought after. A Limited batch of plants are available here.

One of our lovely Citrus Friends sent in this  You Tube Video - a great recipe...and the health benefits would be amazing....Yuzu and fermented food....!