Sugar Bubba - Mini Mandarin

Sugar Bubba - Mini Mandarin



Sugar Bubba produces the most exquisite mini mandarins. So so sweet these little ping pong ball sized fruit are produced on the arching stems of a very handsome tree. The fruit is juicy, super sweet, seedless, easy to peel. The tree is bountiful and happy to be grown in pots or in the garden. It will grow up to around 2 metres high, tidy and easily managed.
Sugar Bubba a fabulous citrus tree, once you’ve tasted the fruit you’ll be totally addicted.

Grown in our usual 165mm citrus long pot the tree is approx’ 600mm branched, grafted and professionally grown using Auscitrus virus indexed budwood.

With or Without Fruit:
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We are not able to ship Trees in Fruit to
South Australia, Tasmania N. T and some regions of NSW.

Citrus enjoy a warm sheltered position
in the garden and require sun for most of the day and a rich composted soil.
Fruit will appear with good nurture and care, as a general rule in the second autumn after planting.