Seville - Sour Orange

Seville - Sour Orange


There are two types of Seville Orange - the Rough Skin and the Smooth Skin.
THIS IS THE SMOOTH SKIN SEVILLE. - We are trying to get hold of the rough one (and have been for years)

This is a terrific tree for cooler regions.
The fruit is slightly flattened in appearance and bitter to taste – it makes the best marmalade.
Seville orange is a beautiful tree and very fragrant when in bloom.

As a general rule our trees should fruit in the second autumn after you have planted them, given they receive good nurture and optimal conditions.
All of our Citrus trees are all grafted to appropriate rootstock, we use clean Aus Citrus virus indexed tested propagation material and budwood. You are assured of a premium, quality, professionally grown tree.

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