Lemon Pinky - the lemon with a pink heart

Lemon Pinky - the lemon with a pink heart


Lemon Pinky is a form of Eureka Lemon, therefore the fruit is sharp tasting and juicy and it has the most beautiful and delicious surprise within, its flesh is rosy pink!
Yes it’s a lemon with a pink heart! 

Lemon Pinky has the most stunning variegated foliage, 
The tree alone would make an impressive and handsome garden specimen.
With stripes and swipes of cream, light and dark greens and pinky rose coloured new growth, Lemon Pinky is rocking a lot of moves.

~ Lemon Pinky is a form of Eureka Lemon
~ The fruit is deliciously sharp tasting, full flavoured and almost seedless
~ The flesh is a rosy pink
~ Handsome variegated leaves
~ The tree grows to around 3 - 4 metres
~ A unique addition to the garden
~ Suited to pots and containers

After several years in trial, releasing Lemon Pinky is thrilling for us and this is your chance to grab one.

Grown in our usual 165mm citrus long pot the tree is approx’ 600mm branched, grafted and professionally grown using Auscitrus virus indexed budwood.

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Citrus enjoy a warm sheltered position
in the garden and require sun for most of the day and a rich composted soil.
Fruit will appear with good nurture and care, as a general rule in the second autumn after planting.