Lemon & Lime Citrus Splitzer

Lemon & Lime Citrus Splitzer


This double graft provides you with a Meyer Lemon and a Tahiti Lime on the one tree a true citrus splitzer.

Citrus Splitzer provides you with two distinctly different citrus fruit on the one tree. The citrus varieties used are the most compatible, the best performing and tasting citrus of the type. Perfectly matched in vigour your pairing of citrus will grow evenly and equally as the tree develops over time, producing luscious crops of citrus fruit.

These Citrus Splitzers are grown in a 165mm pot they are into their third year of growth. Ideally grow your Citrus Splitzer in a sunny and sheltered position in the garden, Citrus Splitzer also enjoy a potted life.

Monitor your water with the weather, less in the cooler wet and increase in the heat and dry. Fertiliser is a regular requirement and necessary to maintain a healthy tree and bountiful crops of fruit. Prune to maintain a shapely tree, and an evenly balanced tree.

You can expect that your Citrus Splitzer will grow to a full size as it matures, in excess of 2 metres high and wide. Citrus Splitzers growth will be restrained in a pot and with pruning.

Choose from one of the five delicious combinations of Citrus Splitzer.

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A Citrus Splitzer gives you the option to grow two different citrus on the one tree. A well balanced and healthy tree is easily achieved, this tree has been planted in the ground for around 4 years, full of fruit and very happy.
Let us show you on this 5 year old Citrus Splitzer how to even up the growth. Simple techniques to ensure a well balance happy healthy Citrus Splitzer.