Citrus Gems. Sunrise LIme

Citrus Gems. Sunrise LIme


Sunrise Lime is a cross between a finger lime and calamondin and produces an elegant pear-shaped golden fruit that is juicy and sharp in flavour.

The fruit can be eaten whole as the skin and pith is sweet. Sunrise Lime makes a beautiful ornamental plant choice for pots or garden plantings. Winter fruiting. Developed by the CSIRO The finger limes appear in the autumn, with an occasional guest appearance through other times of the year.
Trees will begin to produce fruit from the 2nd autumn after they’ve been planted. Given they receive attention and nurture.

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A collection of citrus native to Australia
We have selected the best varieties from the vast range of native limes to bring you the most reliable, vivid and flavoursome.
Currently in our Citrus Gems collection we have EIGHT extraordinary varieties, each with it's own distintictive and unique personality.
Know and enjoyed for centuries by indigenous Australian’s native limes are now hugely popular with the domestic gardener through to the professional chef.
Citrus Gems are a group of adaptable, quirky trees, uniquely Australian and tolerant of a wide range of conditions. They are suited to both pot and garden cultivation. All Citrus Gems are grafted onto citrus rootstock. Which ensures plant health, vigour and increases the plants ability to produce abundant crops of fruit from an early age.
Citrus Gems respond well to pruning. Citrus Gems are extremely hardy and tolerant of frost and dry conditions.