Good Fortune Cumquat - Green Round Cumquat

Good Fortune Cumquat - Green Round Cumquat


Good Fortune Cumquat. In Fruit For Chinese New Year. Bringing wishes of prosperity, wealth, good health and happiness for the year ahead. Please note the fruit is green at this time.

The tree is a symbol and a gift to be enjoyed. Position indoors, in a light filled room or outdoors, on show and in pride of place.This Good Fortune cumquat has been grown to bring good luck during a festive time. This tree is also a representation of the fleetingness of life, we encourage you to enjoy the plant, treasure the gift, honour the intent, and then when it finishes, let it go joyfully. Or retire it outdoors.

Cumquat calamondin (calamansi)

Root Stock is Flying Dragon.

As the tree is in fruit we are restricted to shipping only to: Costal NSW, Victoria, Queensland.

As a general rule our trees should fruit in the second autumn after you have planted them, given they receive good nurture and optimal conditions.
All of our Citrus trees are all grafted to appropriate rootstock, we use clean Aus Citrus virus indexed tested propagation material and budwood. You are assured of a premium, quality, professionally grown tree.

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