Calamondin - Green Round Cumquat - Calamansi

Calamondin - Green Round Cumquat - Calamansi


The Calamondin – Citrus madurensis is a widely grown “cumquat”. The tree produces large crops of small acid tasting fruit, in Australia is it predominately grown as an ornamental tree.
In the Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam it is also grown widely and is referred to as Calamansi. In warmer or tropical environs the rind of the calamansi/calamondin fruit remains green when the fruit becomes ripe.
The inside flesh of the fruit is vivid orange in colour and aching with sharp juice.
Squeezed over fragrant spicy noodle dishes, the calamansi is a highly prized fruit in Asia and is available and known in Australia as Calamondin

It also makes a delicious marmalade and is exquisite pickled.

As a general rule our trees should fruit in the second autumn after you have planted them, given they receive good nurture and optimal conditions.
All of our Citrus trees are all grafted to appropriate rootstock, we use clean Aus Citrus virus indexed tested propagation material and budwood. You are assured of a premium, quality, professionally grown tree.

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