Pomelo the largest Citrus Fruit you can grow

Pomelo is the largest fruit of the citrus world. They are about the size of a Cantaloupe, they have a very thick rind and are DELICIOUS.

Originating in South East Asia the pomelo or pummelo or shaddock, are well suited to warmer zones and tropical climates, equally you’ll find you can grow them successfully in the chilly southern zones of Australia, what will vary is the intensity of flavour in the fruit.
The Pomelo is similar to a grapefruit, however they don’t have the bitter tang, that wonderful lip puckering zing, actually they can be very sweet.

The distinctive thick rind of the pomelo is the stuff of kitchen skill, and cultural traditions when it comes to preparation and peeling. The pomelo also has a super luscious spongy coat of albedo, the white pith, that once the rind is removed, is simply peeled away.

We recommend you give Pomelo a try no matter what region of Australia you live in. Every garden is full of microclimates so if you’re keen to grow a Pomelo look for a warm, sunny, wind protected, spot and give it
a go.

We grow, and have two types of Pomelo at Citrus Men

Nam Roi which is the classic pomelo, full of flavour and ideal for use in salads and delicious asian style dishes. 
Ipoh a white version of Pomelo, the fruit is very sweet with no acid, it’s creamy white flesh is delicious and it is best eaten as a fresh juicy treat.

It’s difficult to imagine how a tree can produce such large fruit, you’ll be in awe of your mighty pomelo tree as it develops its strong frame, Pomelo is the gym junkie of the tribe. Of course just as with all of your other citrus, you’ll need to keep it well fertilised and watered particularly in the warmer months. 

Allow the tree to gather strength and size, the fruit will come, in time. Our trees are all grafted so you’ll begin to see fruit in the second autumn after the tree has come to live in your garden.