Growing Citrus Indoors

Can you really grow citrus indoors? Yes you can!

If you have a bright, sunny warm position in your home with loads of light, it is very possible to grow a citrus tree indoors.

A northern window or a large east facing, glassed in sunroom, or similar, is a heavenly position for a citrus to grow and thrive in.

We are not going to limit your wanting with restricting you to particular varieties, however there are some citrus that perhaps are better suited, or more appropriate for the indoor life.

Cumquats are an excellent choice -  Sugar Bubba, is ideal, Limes also. Oranges if you appreciate they may need a bit of space. The Pipsqueak range of dwarf citrus is ideal as they are compact and perfect for growing in containers, outdoors as well as indoors. You will need to consider that pollination may be a little comprised, unless you decide to bring in a little family of lady bees buzzing, to collect some nectar from your indoor citrus and shake the pollen about to form the beginnings of fruit? So expect to hand pollinate, and certainly you won’t be having huge crops of fruit indoors. A kaffir lime would be an excellent choice for growing indoors as you’ll have a handsome tree to pick some fragrant leaves for your fresh Thai inspired curry.

Once you have established that you have enough light and warmth for your citrus and made your selection now consider the pot…remember the golden citrus rule of not over potting. As the citrus will be all fancy and living the high life indoors you may want to use a more decorative pot. Perhaps sitting the pot inside the decorative pot is a better option that potting. Self watering pots may also be a thought, however you want to avoid the tree being damp or wet all the time.

Dust and dry.
Indoors is very different as there is ( usually) no wind no rain no birds and bees, so your little indoor tree is going to be very reliant on you. As part of your household dusting routine a flick of the feathers over the foliage of your citrus tree, is an excellent habit. Every so often, a couple of times a year, you could wash the tree with a pure soap and tepid water. 

Misting in the warmer times, which indoors is winter as most of us have our houses way too warm, in summer the houses are cool; the tree is in reverse conditions effectively.

We would say that growing a citrus indoors is both possible and fun, be mindful, and keep the tree heathy with fertiliser, good watering and keeping the foliage clean and dust free. Let us know how you go.