The Buddah's Hand - A citrus with a mind of it's own!

Have you ever looked at this truly extraordinary fruit and thought - “what the heck” ?

It’s named so, because of the resemblance of the fruit to the elegant, long fingered hand, of the Buddha

You will see the fruit of the Buddha’s hand used as a symbol in some houses as a warm blessing for health and prosperity. Extremely fragrant, the tangy fresh oils of the fruit emit a sweet fresh perfume that will scent rooms and of course culinary dishes.

The “fingers” of the fruit are actually the carpels or flower ovaries that have not fused as you find them in other citrus fruit, such as an orange or a grapefruit. The Buddha’s hand refuses to conform and these lovely long fingers are without juice and made of rind and pith, and no seed.
This of course has forged a bond and vital relationship between people and the plant, the Buddha’s hand can only be propagated vegetatively and relays on us, citrus growers, for it’s survival.

Given that it is a fruit filled with rind and pith it’s surprising to appreciate the sweetness of the Buddha’s hand, it’s not at all bitter and makes for a delicious substitute for lemon rind.

Steep the sliced buddah’s hand fruit in gin or vodka to make a wonderful flavoursome tincture.

Candy the fingers to present as a glorious glacè fruit.

Marmalade, Spicy citrus chutney are overwhelmingly delicious and unusual made with the buddah’s hand

Use it as a value for money, easy to use zest that brings a new level of citrus flavour to a dish.

The tree will grow up to a height of 3 - 4 metres, they are loads of fun to grow with each hand making it’s own unique shape. 

This certainly is a tree that will wave to you from the garden.