Flying Dragon - It Dwarf's - It Protects - It's a Wonder!

Flying Dragon is an extraordinary citrus, that is only used in Australia as a Root Stock, or under stock. It is the citrus that we graft, or bud, our citrus varieties too.

When we make this beautiful union with the two citrus we have created a citrus tree that will be dwarf in its growth habit.

The Flying Dragon restricts the overall size of the tree, however it does not reduce the size of the fruit or the bounty of the crop. This powerful rootstock just suppresses the size of the tree. Generally a citrus tree will grow somewhere between 3 - 5 metres and about 3 - 4 metres wide. When it has been grafted onto Flying Dragon it will grow to around 1.5 - 2m high and wide. 

Flying Dragon originates from Japan where it has been grown for centuries. It was introduced to the USA in the early 1900’s and then introduced to Australia. 

Horticulturally,  it is a challenging rootstock to graft too, it takes considerable skill, patience and experience to master the technique. It is a super impressive under stock that has changed the citrus retail sector markedly. As gardens shrink in size and courtyards and balconies are more common, Dwarf growing citrus is a perfect solution for container plantings and small garden spaces.

Our Pipsqueak range is all dwarf and each of the ten varieties is budded to the under stock of Flying Dragon. 

But wait there’s more!

Flying Dragon also provides protection to your little Pipsqueak tree, adding in an extra level of disease and virus resistance for your tree.

Citrus trees grafted to Flying Dragon also tolerate lower soil temperatures so it’s a excellent choice for cold climate zones.

You can be confident in the knowledge that your Pipsqueak is skilfully grafted to flying dragon, look out for the Flying Dragon symbol, and the grafted for protection icon.